the purpose for rebooting the computer is to shut down whatever windows "automatic updates" might be doing, like causing "svchost" to hang..

in my experience, sometimes it does cause "svchost" to hang and sometimes it doesn't..

This was after trying to delete the folder as well after turning of the Windows Update service first then enabling it again after and numerous other options. Hopefully this'll help someone if they are having the same problems.

windows xp sp3 not updating-57

You can review each step below: Step 1: Enable Automatic Updates in the Control Panel if it is disabled (Any setting other then disabled is fine).

Wait a while (5~ minutes) after implementing this change because Windows will be silently updating the Windows Update components built in to Windows.

The Windows Update/Microsoft Update webpages will not allow access unless Windows "Automatic Updates" is turned on.

Step 2: Visit the Windows Update website via Internet Explorer and install the Active X control. Step 4: Close "Internet Explorer" after opting in to Microsoft update.

Step 5: Disable Automatic Updates in Control Panel and then reboot the computer. Step 6: Install Internet Explorer 8 and (important!

) during installation choose the option to also install updates.

Step 9: Once all updates have been installed via Internet Explorer (May require you to reboot and re-check for updates multiple times to ensure you have all the updates installed) you can re-enable Automatic Updates in the Control Panel without issue.

Step 10: Finished, enjoy your working computer I think IE8 is the root of the problem, in all my troubles of updates of late, I had IE6 or IE7 to work with and they both performed the same sort of results.

So even thou SP3 comes with IE6 (which MS is trying to phase out), they phased it out on their update site. Hey, I had the same problem while doing a fresh install of Windows XP and I found a solution that worked for me.