Misrepresentation during booking; firearm free zone; fugitive; aggravated assault with a firearm; aggravated assault with a firearm; license plate light required; resisting an officer; expired drivers license.

Contempt of court; theft of goods; disturbing the peace (warrants); theft by shoplifting; resisiting an officer. Possession or distribution of drug paraphernalia; possession of marijuana 1st offense; possession of heroin.

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Louisiana State Police Joshua Watkins, 31, Thibodaux. JANUARY 5, 2018Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office Brittnie Adams, 28, Bourg.

Thibodaux Police Department Kenneth Brown, 18, Thibodaux. JANUARY 7, 2018Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office Amber Luke, 27, Gray.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality said the slurry hole near Bayou Corne is near areas that have been used for oil and gas exploration.

Low levels of radioactivity may be remaining from the work, though not at harmful levels, officials say.

Residents have been especially alarmed at the possibility of a natural gas explosion after 28 residents in Grand Bayou had to evacuate their homes on Christmas 2003 because natural gas was seeping from a salt dome storage cavern and bubbling up into water wells.

Randy Rousseau, who lives in Grand Bayou and owns a body shop in Belle Rose, said he'd noticed tremors for years.

Cartwright said the company was just as shocked as anyone else when the sinkhole erupted two weeks ago, swallowing up an acre of bald cypress trees and leaving diesel fumes and slurry water in its wake.

Evangelist Franklin Graham prayed on a sidewalk outside the Pentagon Thursday after his invitation to a prayer service inside was withdrawn because of comments that insulted people of other religions.

'Two of the workers were in a small John's boat and had a rope skimmer.