There is no such thing as federal government credit card debt relief, grants, consolidation, or forgiveness programs.Be wary of any advertisement touting special insight into new laws or government-sponsored or funded programs.

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In addition, consumers with large revolving balances often have access to government help with other obligations. They are a private for-profit company that may be able to help reduce your credit card debt.

The federal government funded credit card debt relief does not exist. Individuals with more than $10,000 in unsecured obligations often qualify.

However, it does regulate private companies providing this type of assistance.

In addition, several government-sponsored entities make loans available that consumers can sometimes use to consolidate obligations into a single lower monthly payment.

The agency then works out a reduced payment plan with the credit card company.

In exchange, the credit card company will often agree to end any lawsuits or collection plans as long as the debtor is on the plan.

A private debt consolidation loan is an option if you are not a homeowner, farmer, veteran, or do not owe public money on your college education.

The private lenders offering this option must comply with banking regulations.

Formula grants help recipients to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation.

The Federal Credit Card Debt Relief Act of 2010 is an unlikely source of government-funded assistance.

Another way in which a credit card debt relief government program can indirectly help you is through government debt consolidation loans.