The vacuum was then created by orally sucking the air out of the horn through the hole.

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Cupping is considered with others to be the oldest natural healing therapies. The Papyrus like paper was also widely used throughout the ancient Mediterranean world in the writing of important documents.

History tells us about Archaeologists who found evidence of cupping therapy being practiced from as early as 3000 B. Also in the evidence that was uncovered there were documents supporting the application of the cupping vessels and instruments used on the body as therapeutic procedure? Anthropologists also found evidence in China of cupping dating as far back as 1,000 B. The history of Chinese cupping is a long history of healing and innovation.

As time moved on the horns then devolved into bamboo cups, bamboo cupping still is practised today in some regions of china.

The bamboo cups were immerged in boiling water to absorb the liquid heat, the heated bamboo cups were then positioned to specific points on the body, resulting with the hot and cold imbalances which created a vacuum inducing suction to the skin, the healers would leave the bamboo cups stationary for about 10 minutes, the cups would be reheated again and the procedure continues.

It was an ancient Taoist medical practice was widely used in the courts of Imperial China.

Its administration was first documented by Ge Hong, in an ancient article called Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies.

Ge Hong was a practicing Taoist, an alchemist, and a medicinal herbalist.

He was famous for his accomplished of being a healer and a trusted confidante of many high officials in ancient China.

The cotton ball is then ignited and inserted inside the cup which will evacuate the air, creating the vacuum. One third of the glass is filled with warm water and held very close to where it’s to be placed onto the body.

The cotton ball is then withdrawn from the cup; the cup is then quickly placed onto the skin to the chosen area. Burning cotton wool is quickly inserted inside the glass, while the glass is swiftly turned over and placed in position. – The cups are placed onto the desired location and left on the same spot for ten to fifteen minutes. To release the cups, press the skin around the cup this will breaks the seal ready for removal.

History also tells us that not only was cupping used for healing but they also had beliefs about what could enter the body and mind, such as evil spirits which could cause pain and suffering.